Friday, October 15, 2004

Sharing the Oils in Kathmandu and Tibet

The ancient trade route, the Silk Road winds down through the high Himalayan passes, snaking in and round rushing mountain torrents of white water, relentlessly finding its way to the sea. For thousands of years, intrepid traders have risked the elements, bandits, the altitude and winds to carry grains, rice, gold, precious fabrics of silks and brocades and hand-crafted tapestries of exquisite beauty and healing essential oils more valuable than gold itself to the four corners of the world marketplace. It is on this ancient trade route that our caravan of pilgrims risked all the age-old terrors, plus the modern ones of political armies and the unknown health challenges to visit the most ancient and sacred sight of Mount Kailas in western Tibet - 18,000 feet above the remote and vast Tibetan plateau.

Such a journey would be unthinkable without the protection of the Young Living Essential Oils. My compromised western immune system had trouble navigating cold season in New York state much less the unthinkable and totally unfamiliar bugs sure to greet me in this ancient land devoid of any modern sanitary measures.

Pre-trip preparation included several months of daily applications of Thieves and Immupower on my feet and lymphatic region of the upper chest and underarms arms. A previous year of using the oils and supplements to build up my physical and emotional bodies had taken away residual aches and pains and digestive symptoms and lingering subtle emotional fears so that I could even contemplate an undertaking of this magnitude. I used Aroma Life to build up  and prepare for altitudes of 15,000 to 18,000 feet in below freezing temperatures. My sea level raised and conditioned body of 53 years had a lot of adapting to do.

Young Living Essential Oils have a way of jumping out of my suitcases, pockets and handbags to greet people . On the plane to Delhi, India I showed an Indian businessman and researcher the power of Hope and Joy oil blends to alleviate sad feelings.

Arriving in Kathmandu late at night, I immediately filtered a liter of water and added Thieves oil (1 drop) to it to protect and prepare my drinking water. This water with a drop of Thieves blend (and on some days Lemon or Digize, Immupower blends) became my constant companion for the next 9 weeks. When reliable bottled water was available I used that with the oil drops. Otherwise I filtered and oiled the water.

The slightest touch of digestion difficulties was stopped with 3 drops of Thieves in 1/2 cup of water.

I will now relate some fascinating accounts of the healing protection of the Essential Oils both in my own body and on the many citizens of this part of the world with whom the oils were shared .

* Our tour guide developed very red bloodshot eyes. I applied 1 drop of Cypress to each eye before bed. The next morning, both eyes were totally normal.

* I gave a bottle of Envision blend to a man. Two weeks later he thanked me profusely. By just smelling it daily before bed he had lost  his craving for alcohol, which had become problematical in his life.

* A holy sadhu (wandering ascetic) had walked 6 months barefoot and in a light cotton cloth to Mt. Kailas at 18,000 feet altitude. His feet had several bloody and open sores and he was hobbling. I applied Lavender oil and the burning soreness was alleviated.

* When the nomads saw I had pockets full of healing bottles they came up to me and pointed to different body parts while grimacing. I gave 1 man ear application for several days in a row as he helped us set up camp. I used Cypress and Lavender oil, 1 drop on each ear. He looked relieved, but I did not see him enough to note if the applications were sufficient.

*Altitude sickness grabbed me very powerfully at 15,000 feet (13 of our 15 days). I could not walk more than 5 steps without being winded, exhausted and dizzy. It was very hard to hold down food. After a few bites, I would begin to feel nauseous and if I ate a few more bitefuls of food I would begin vomiting. Power Meal (a cellular nutrition protein formulation) kept my weight loss to a mere 20 pounds. I shared the Power Meal with other people who were feeling weak and they gratefully reported their heads clearing, and having enough energy to move.

* We camped beside dirty rivers with animal and human dung floating in the water and all around. The cooks would sometimes just heat the water to near boiling. I would be too exhausted to insist on a longer boiling period to kill pathogens, so I took my warm water and added Thieves or Immupower in quantity (10 drops or so - I just opened the bottle and shook some in). I took Comfortone before bed and in the morning. ICP came to the rescue if the "runs" got the upper hand. By juggling the products and bringing out more of them and a greater quantity, everything was kept in check. I also rubbed a lot of Thieves and Immupower on my chest and feet.

*Relieve It oil blend was great for sore travellers feet. On several occasions, I rubbed Relieve It all over my feet before bed. In the morning, my feet were like new - with no soreness whatsoever.

These are my personal stories and experiences. You may or may not have similar results. None of these stories have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Everyone's biochemistry is different. What works for one person, may or may not work for another!

Always consult your health professionals for any serious or ongoing problems.

Pat Crosby

Copyright 2015. Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved.


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